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Catching Up!

I spent so many months debating on whether or not to continue my blog. I felt that while I was in school, there was so much I could share and show being a student, full-time worker, and living with two auto-immune issues. After I graduated I felt like what else could I share! After spending… Continue reading Catching Up!

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It’s a New Year

There has been so many things that have happened since my last post ( I haven’t posted since April….its been pure insanity).  I was able to spend some time thinking about what this blog means to me, what I want to share, and also some reflection of how much I have grown. I started this… Continue reading It’s a New Year

My Daily Randomness · RA Information

The fight continues

Sometimes it gets so old to say “the fight continues,” but it is so true! Sooo many days I wish I could wake up, and this whole autoimmune condition would be nothing more than a dream. But day after day, I realize this life I live isn’t a dream. Since 2009, this life has continued… Continue reading The fight continues

My Daily Randomness · RA Information


The punching pain, the pounding headache, the nausea, the exhaustion – these things describe a “normal” day for many of us. This “normal” is something we know to expect every day, throughout the day. When you have constant consistent gut wrenching pain….excitement isn’t a word that comes to mind. By no means can anyone be… Continue reading Excitement

My Daily Randomness · RA Information

New try

In my world of RA and Lupus not much has changed (hence the quietness) but the good news. After almost two years after I first heard of my biologic options, I finally was approved for Orencia. What a battle, but two shots down I have high hopes. My next two options are Rituxan and the… Continue reading New try

My Daily Randomness · RA Information

A New Year

Nope not quite 2016 yet but my sixth (6th) year of marriage had ended and my seventh (7th) has begun! We have also started our 10th year as being a couple! Hard to believe that for nearly 10 straight years my husband had been my constant. The person who has seen all the ups and… Continue reading A New Year