So I cooked again!!

YAY!!! I had the energy to cook again today! Today I just  woke up and made it to Kingwood Medical by 8a.m. for my diabetic class. It was so good to learn how to eat although you have no idea how trying it is for a carb/sugar lover to become diabetic!!!  I came home with lots of literature and a better understanding so hopefully I can (and this is my goal) manage my diabetes strictly through diet! Keep me in prayer that means I have to become like a food journal/carb counting freak!

I’m going to attach a picture of what I made tonight and yes it seems so small but TRUST me if you only knew me….I burned water! 🙂 I actually find that I do enjoy cooking it just takes so much energy!

I walked from my apartment to the mail boxes and it felt as if I was running a marathon! That feeling will take some getting used to that’s for sure! But a major praise is that my electric wheelchair was brought to the house last night.  To the family that donated the chair, we are so thankful for you! Words do not even come close to telling you how thankful we are for your blessing. It looks like it will be ready to go by Monday! That will make work a WHOLE lot easier.

The one thing I’m slowly learning and this may be something I should have (and it probably is) learned awhile ago…we make plans with our lives. For me it was college, graduate school, a Ph.D. and then on to working with grief/trauma counseling. But on this journey that is called life…we really do not have control necessarily of how our plans for our life will really turn out.  Life happens but when it does…as hard as it is..and trust me many tears have been shed..the best thing you can do is keep a smile on your face..because when you do not..the black clouds start rolling in and you just start to feel scared.

But in that moment that you are scared, there is something you can do and that is utter a prayer. Because when you do  all of a sudden you look down and you see that there are only 2 footprints in the sand, and they are not yours! Instead you are being carried by the Heavenly Father! Isn’t that so cool!

That is not to say it will all go away or it will suddenly become so much easier..but instead you will have peace and you will have joy that you never had before.  So  tonight just remember you don’t have to walk your journeys alone, God is always there waiting to carry you through your most difficult storms of life!

May God carry you tonight like he is carrying me! 🙂

One thought on “So I cooked again!!

  1. Great blog, Joanna. Your dinner looks great! I’ll share the link for your blog with the class. Everyone is always asking about you. This will be a great way for people to check in whenever they want! I would like to come see you sometime next week when you are free.

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