So I  was able to see my PCP today!! My last appointment for a while as STILL my referrals are in limbo!! Got to love it.  I got some good news! My diabetes is remaining on a decent level of control with my strict diet! ! AND I have lost 20  pounds since my immune system decided to totally not function at all!!! 

 So I just need to keep doing what I am doing…although it is hard! I miss my sugar drinks (Sodas!!! AHH)) and of course all my favorite sweets. Although I went to the store  today and found some yummy looking sugar-free jello and some sort of pudding.

I am so surprised I actually have fruits and vegetables in my office! Its like wow!! This is the “healthiest” I have been since probably when I lived at home and my mother controlled what I put in my mouth!

The bad news is my liver tests came back high..I’m in the range for showing liver damage. Probably the RA meds..combined with all the other medication I’m taking for the other issues.  So that wasn’t good news..going to have to follow-up on that…

But an amazing friend came by and straightened my hair and that made my day!! I had stopped straightening it because I didn’t have the energy! I love it straightened!!!

Oh and I must share my “dumb” moment for the day! hopefully someone will find some sort of laughter from this..at my expense of course :). I took off my rings in the car this morning to put on some hand lotion. Then when I went to put them back on I dropped my wedding band in my car and now I CAN’T FIND IT!!! If anyone wants to come tear my car apart please feel free as I am more bummed than words can say!!! Note – don’t do what I did!!

Tonight we are off to our church social! HURRAY!! Not sure what I’m going to eat but I’ll figure something out  🙂

More soon friends!

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