Today was slow day for me…I started having a sore throat last night so I figured that was a sign that I need to SLOW DOWN and rest. So that’s what I did today…at least I tried to rest as much as possible lol! It is hard to rest when your body has always been one to multi-task and not spend too much time on the couch doing absolutely nothing.

Matt and I went to Target to get more Tupperware. I cleaned all my veggies and got my snacks ready for a the week. Then I went according to my new meal schedule and made my lunch for tomorrow so I won’t have to do that in the morning.  It feels so weird that I’ll be going back to work tomorrow after 22 days away. I never thought when I left work on the 3rd of Feb. that I would not be going back until March 7th!

I wish I could say my body was back to normal…but it is far from normal and it is still such a major adjustment to living with it. I have to say there are MANY moment that I am annoyed with how little I can do!

Still I keep reminding myself that is it not about me…instead I need to continue to smile and no matter how bad I feel still seek to touch others lives for good :).

I’m going to head back to my couch but here is a picture of my 3rd home cooked dinner! I made a tangy/sweet sauce and grilled chicken along with some veggies.

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