First Day Back :)

Today was a busy yet hopefully successful day! It was nice to have a routine that I remembered back. Although it was different because I actually now have an office! It looks so bare..but since I have never really had an office to decorate…I better start finding a way to make it look less bare!

 I did not realize how much energy it took to sit at a desk and work! It made me miss my old energy though! 😦  I miss being able to jump around and just keep going…but I guess that is the old and I have to learn to accept the hard as that is.

This is certainly a marathon not sprint healthwises…at times it feels like at times the consensus is that it is just that…a sprint, something easily recovered from. As much as I love the “I’m glad you’re doing better” posts or messages….I hate to explain to that person.. “no I’m really not.” My body still feels about as weak as it did weeks ago..getting used to living with all the different conditions and balancing so many doctor this and’s stressful, frustrating, overwhelming etc. 

I will say that for sure that when you experience something as traumatic ( and yes having your body go through this at any age is a traumatic experience) you definitely see life in a totally new perspective. Things are not the same and they won’t be the same. You have opened a new door, crossed over a line and there is no going back. Just getting used to that aspect is difficult. In fact you are a different person, you see things differently and you value life differently.  All good things once you go through the “growing or grieving pains” as I like to call them.

Despite how rough things have been, the support from my friends, family and colleagues has been incredible. I never realized how blessed I w as until this happened. God has blessed us beyond imagination and he continues to bless us and for that very reason every day I am rejuvenated to remember that my life is a testimony for the Lord. I must share my heart, my testimony and most importantly God’s love with those I meet.

While yes it may be easier to throw a pity party (and trust me I have although it is not as fun with sugar-free ice cream) but still… lol!  I still am so thankful that God continues to bless me with a smile and a heart that can hopefully still encourage others. 

Anyways I did make  dinner again tonight..took me a while..had to rest for a bit when I got home but it turned out actually pretty yummy! I made Mexican beef over potato’s and heated up some corn on the cobb..yess I know no “green” vegetable 😦 I need some help learning to balance a meal…never really have done that since I’ve been on my own..

I hope you all have a great night! 🙂 Thanks for listening (reading) my daily random thoughts 🙂

P.s. Don’t forget to check out the daily devotionals! A friend gave me an AWESOME book that I can’t help but share with you all!

2 thoughts on “First Day Back :)

  1. I think you are doing great Joanna, even though you are not back to your normal feeling self (which was a challenge everyday for you with this RA). You have such a wonderful positive attitude, you are an inspiration for me!!

  2. We are so happy that you are back, but I am concerned that you may overdo it!! …….So, here’s to listening to your body and when you need a nap or a little rest…..just do it! Close your door and turn off the light! I am certain your supervisor will understand! 🙂 I am praying for you to have less pain!! Hang in there and know that lots of people love you! 🙂

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