2nd Day at work!

I love the routine of working, it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than watching day  time tv! But my mental love of working does not match with my body’s lack of loving to work! I came home today about twice as tired as I did yesterday, probably didn’t help that I was in significant pain from the moment I opened my eyes this morning. Pain drains you that’s for sure!

I had some good conversations today, I guess one of my favorite things of life is talking with people! Maybe that’s why I love counseling because I love having people open up to me and me to them. There is something about talking with someone…talking more than just about the weather or traffic..but actually talking about life.

I managed to make more food!!! Ya’ll are probably tired of seeing my food pictures but I made a meat mixture, broccoli and then an apple/walnut/roman lettuce and spinach salad. It didn’t turn out too bad but I think tomorrow I’m going to find a diabetic order in place lol!

Another piece of good news! I was able to switch my degree tracks!!!  LU offers a MA in Human Services degree that is very similar to the LPC track but it is non-clincal. It is not the degree track I want but with my health so poor I want a degree more than anything..I have worked so hard to not get a degree .  So I only have 3 classes left to graduate! Since the remaining classes are strictly online I am hoping to enroll for the summer term, knock out all three classes and have my MA (FINALLY) but the end of summer (although graduation won’t happen until May 2012). Then hopefully once my health improves I can move forward and apply for a Ph.D. program!!  It made me smile to know that hopefully in May of 2012 I will walk (yes I will walk)  across the stage and receive my MA.

Well I should be asleep but alas pain is keeping me from sleep..hopefully soon! Night world! 🙂

One thought on “2nd Day at work!

  1. Food looks great!! I know you will get your MA! You are a very smart and determined person. I do admire you :)!

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