Almost the weekend!

I will say that when I compare my energy level of tonight to the energy levels I had on Monday…I have certainly lost a significant amount! Going back to work was certainly tough but a choice that was made because life needed (and needs) to move on to some sort of routine.  Routines are necessary to make you feel a little more “normal.”

At least the weekend is coming! Wohhoo!! And tonight was fun! A great friend came over and watched a movie that made me laugh! I totally needed that…although I was so tired I didn’t get to far away from the couch! The moments of laughing take my mind away from the pain and just how worn out my body feels. I was trying to find words to describe how I feel and there really are no words…sometimes a scale on a scale of 1 to 10…I feel like a 1. That helps some people understand. Other people need words…such as exhausted, drained, in pain, miserable. Yet other people want a description of what it feels like ….being hit by a car, run over by a train, house dropped on you or something like that. It is amazing the power that words have on people, either the  title of something or the expression that comes behind that word.

Another praise for today! I did get registered for my final three classes to finish my MA. I  will take 9hrs over the summer to finish..that is hoping my body is up and ready for least I am registered lol! That’s half the battle right!  I’m excited to be done but my whole academic career is changing..a good thing because perhaps I learned what the Lord wanted me to learn on this path and now he is moving my path toward something else. That is totally a great thing! I have loved my experiences in my clinical program, the opportunities from here are endless. Of course it is hard letting go of what “I” wanted for “my” life but at the same time…it never was about me to start with! God’s way not my way!

I do have a heart for change and I hope to be part of something bigger when it comes to living in this world! More tomorrow everyone! Hopefully I will get through Friday! I’m starting to feel perhaps I caught something..we shall see! Thank God for a doctor’s appointment on Monday 🙂

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