Just because you look good…

It saturday and I’m exhausted! I woke up at 3a.m. this morning in so much pain that I have been up ever since! It was certainly frustrating to be up when the majority of the world was probably asleep..but hey Brothers and Sister’s kept me going lol!

Matt wanted to perk me up so we did the movie and flapjacks at the local Movie Tavern. It took a lot of energy but he really wanted to do something different and fun! We drove around a bit just enjoying the sunny day (from the car)! I love how sunny it was I just wish I had the energy to run around and play in it!

The lovely outdoors reminded me of a conversation I had with someone close to me. We were commenting on how easy it is for people to naturally assume that if you are walking around, wearing makeup, dressed up..that you are doing “better” or that you are feeling “great.” It is like it is hard to know what to do…as in  do you not put on makeup, walk around in sweatpants/oversized t-shirts and let your hair look like you just fell out of bed..just so people can see how bad you feel? Or do you get up, do your face, get dressed and look nice trying to make yourself feel less crappy..but then people assume you are great…and then you have to tell them “ummmm no I feel like …. and then they feel bad…so what do you do?  I honestly don’t know…

Matt is off to a dinner date with friends..I was going to go but I’m just exhausted..so I’m on the couch and hoping that my body starts to feel a little better so maybe I can sleep tonight!!!!  Doctor on Monday..more tests… 🙂

All I can say is I’M GLAD ITS SPRING BREAK!! 🙂

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