List of Top Rated Rheumatology Clinics

My father in law sent me this list so I figured I would share it with everyone. Our goal is to start gathering research and books to see where the world (FDA) is on RA research.  We find a lot of websites with this diet/that diet/this food/that food information but we really are looking for clinical/scientific based research that has been empirically tested to work or not work. (Yah I remembered some words from graduate schoo…my profs would be proud).

RA is soooo individualized which makes it soo much harder to treat people. Take myself for example, I am certainly not struggling with the most advanced RA and certainly not on the hardest nor the strongest drugs…but my body is falling apart with all that it has gone through the last 10 months (GOSH just 10 months!!!!). 

There are also many who have been on drugs for years and they struggle with so many additional conditions, which apparently is common. RA (probably all the drugs we take to treat our RA) brings additional organ complications and diseases so it is common (at least from the friends I know who have it) to fight other things like me fighting Diabetes, Asthma, Fibromyalgia and Hypertension (on top of having RA).  Aggravating right!!!

So during SPRING BREAK I hope to start my research collection (FROM MY COUCH) and see what I can find :).

Anyways check out the link!

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