How to Encourage

It’s a beautiful new day outside! While I have not been outside it looks just gorgeous! The sun is shining and the sky is soooo blue! I love days like can just sit and stare our the window for hours!!!!

One thing that has been on my heart lately is how to encourage someone who is struggling with a medical issue that is long and drawn out. This I think could work with anyone who has cancer, RA, or any other major medical battle that someone is fighting.

1. Be Patient with them – They will have great days, good days, and then bad days.  Regardless of the day they are having always try to be encouraging!! They hate having bad days as much as you hate seeing them have bad days.  Most people (myself included) have a small (core) group of people they will let know when they are truly down. We need those people that we can be 100% honest with about how we feel, people we can cry around, get upset around etc. If you are that person, always remember to keep those thoughts and feelings confidential (first) and second remember to always be encouraging.  We need to be able to “vent” but we also need to know our venting is safe and that we will be loved on regardless!

2. Sometimes you don’t need to use words –  There will be times that words are not needed, sometimes a person just needs a hug. That physical touch says more than words can say. It says  “I’m here for you”, “I love you”, “I care about you” and so many more things. Sometimes you do not need to say a bunch of words, sometimes all you need is to give someone a hug.

3. Pray – This should really be the first thing you do for anyone but let them know you are praying for them! Sometimes just that knowledge keeps them going! I know I really appreciate the texts/calls/emails that say “I’m praying for you.” It lets me know we are not forgotten!! Why is that so important?  Because we all go through cycless…when there is a crisis, people are everywhere, phones ring off the hook etc. After the “crisis” has smoothed over a bit..people return to their normal routines and the person who is fighting the battle is trying to get used to their new normal as well. It is  encouraging to just get a little reminder here and there letting that person know that while they are adjusting to their new normal, people are still praying!

4. Encourage the person to share with others – I think sharing my testimony with others is the most encouraging thing I can do. I love focusing on other people because when I do I am reminded of how great  God is and how many blessings he has  given me! He has blessed us with an awesome life group at church, an wonderful church and an amazing husband, family and friends. I love to share with them what God is doing.  I love to pray with other people! I love to encourage other people and I love to give my heart and listen to other people.  So for me, I am rejuvenated when I am encouraging other people. 

So many more but I will stop there for now 🙂 I hope this is helpful and “encouraging.” I’m home on the couch for most of the day but maybe Matt will take me out later when he gets home! I hate being inside all day..and I will have a full day of antibiotics in my system!!! 😛

Have a fabulous day!!

2 thoughts on “How to Encourage

  1. Hey hun, awesome post. I absolutely agree with everything here. Sometimes we just don’t know what to do or say because the person who is in pain doesn’t want to say anything for fear of hurting their friend’s feelings. But we have to learn to get around that and realize that honesty is what is friendships are truly about!

  2. Excellent list Joanna! And giving encouragement to others helps to encourage yourself. Just like love, you only get more, not less by giving it away.
    Sorry I don’t have more time to come read your Blog..this is my 2nd visit. Hope to find time to go back and read some of your posts.
    Love you,

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