Yup it’s that time, 2:02a.m. and the world is quiet outside. I can’t help but wonder what it is like elsewhere in the world at this time. Take Japan for example..how many people are hurting over there at this very moment? According to the time clock it is just after 4p.m. there, I can not imagine how so many people are feeling. The grief and feelings that must be going through people’s hearts at this very moment…overwhelming!

What has God put on my heart today? Well mostly he has put on my heart that there are certainly many important things in this planet but out of all those things we “think” are important..only a few of those truly are. What are those? 1) A relationship with the heavenly Father, 2) family and friends, and 3) passions.  (there are more but these are plenty to write about).

I do not know about you but I treasure my relationship with the Heavenly Father, with all that I am going through… I could not imagine  walking this journey without having His strength to carry me through. 

Friends and family, with out support from them the world be dark and gray and some days impossible to go through. Granted you probably won’t share all your fears and anxieties to all your friends and/or family. In fact, you will probably (like me) have a few close friends that you trust yourself to be honest and vulnerable with. Honestly we all need that, not just people who are struggling with some major crisis!

Lastly your passions, I have found that your passions change as your life situations change. I have a passion for RA/Fibro awareness like never before, why? Well because I can see just how traumatic these diseases can be… I have come face to face with how precious yet fragile one’s body is…and that changes your life perspective.  So I have a choice..do I live in fear every day of doing something that could potentially cost me or do I go forward, love the life I am living and know that my time is over when my time is over? Personally I want to serve God as best and as long as I possibly can, he did not put me on his planet to live in a bubble. He wants me to share my testimony and my love (His love) to all that I can.

So many thoughts are going through my brain at this hour..maybe because it is so quiet that all the thoughts from the day come back up and I can actually think about them in the quiet of night. I think what I want to leave you with tonight (morning) is to look at your own lives and realize how precious your life is to the Heavenly Father. Ask yourself..are you living your life doing the very best you can do? Are you touching someone’s life? We all can touch someone’s life that’s for sure! And lastly, what more could you be doing to share God’s love to others?

Despite my pain, despite my anger and frustration at what is happening to my physical body, I still want to smile! I want to laugh and I want to experience joy! It is hard to laugh (mostly because my chest and lungs hurt lol) but I want to do  it anyways!

One thought on “2:02a.m.

  1. Thank you for these beautiful words! May God bless your life through all your pain. You are such a blessing to me! Love you girl!! 🙂

    Aunt Becky

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