Spring Break Saturday…

The end of Spring Break is here! TEAR TEAR TEAR!! Honestly part of my brain is trying to not stress and worry about how I’m going to get through the start of a normal work routine. I haven’t been working week after week now since 02/03, with my body sooooo exhausted I feel that it will be a challenge to get back into working full-time; which I love the idea of the work routine but I am just concerned as to how my new weak body is going to do…

Although the Spring weather makes me happy! I love  that it is not in the 30’s anymore! Today we were able to get some Subway sandwiches, some apples and drinks and go sit out at a beautiful park. It was really nice to watch kids play and enjoy eating our sandwiches outside. Bad part was Matt couldn’t stop sneezing 😦  Allergies poor boy!!

Tonight my goal is to finally start working on things I had hoped to start on earlier this week…I just didn’t have the energy. Hopefully though I can get through some of my to do list!

My books I ordered about RA should be in this week hurray! My next goal is to start working on my research little by little. In order to truly know a disease you have to become an “expert” in it. That takes reading and searching through articles as much as possible.  Over the last year since I was diagnosed of course I have learned as much as I could but now the drive is to learn more and more. And hopefully start becoming an advocate or instrument of change for this disease. I keep telling myself that cancer research (for example) got this far because people used their voices, I hope to do the same and maybe one day…RA/Fibromyalgia treatment/research/awareness will be in a far better place than where it is now. I hope one day to be able to tell someone I have RA and they know right off hand what the disease is, how it works and the treatment instead of the response I get now “oh that’s just arthritis right, I have that.”

As Spring break wraps up I am thankful  for the conversations I have had with various friends. I look forward to continuing to build more relationships and friendships.  I look forward to continuing to be used by him to serve the world in which I live in. My continued prayer is to grow close to him every day, taking life day by day!

God is good 🙂

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