It’s bed time!!

Ohh it is sooo bed time, 2 days of work and I’m sooo exhausted! Is it Friday yet??? Hehehehe it was good day though..I felt productive at work and Matt and I had a fabulous dinner with our friend! Totally need to do that more often with him and other friends. No matter how tiring the day has been, it is awesome to be able to laugh and enjoy some great conversations and good times.

The Lord blessed last night with some amazing insight, our lives should not only attempt to balance our finances, friends, personal wants…but we should always balance our lives spiritually. When we are not balanced spiritually then in all honesty what are we gaining? If we fail to include the Lord in everything then how are we truly growing?

One thought that came to my mind was how often do we put God in a box? Drawing some from the daily devotional I just posted, when we go about and say do a budget we try to fit everything we want (or want to spend) into a number. We don’t account too much (sometimes depending) on “what ifs” that God may bring into our lives; however we may do a good job at including  “what ifs” that are major on our mind.

One more thing that really stood out to me, a friend said this to me last week during one of my late week Starbucks dates  (Love me some Starbucks). She mentioned if we did not have our trials in our lives would we really be seeking God like we are today? And you know she is right, I thought I had my perfect little life in order last year. I was on track to graduate with my MA, start a Ph.D. and on and on. But was I truly focusing on what GOD wanted…you know probably not as much as I should have.

Then I got diagnosed and life changed, a new journey was started. Then after being hospitalized and getting so sick…getting practically a new body (to bad it isn’t better but I have a better one coming!!) …yes my perspectives have changed. I realize more and more what truly has value and what is only as important as I make it. While I hope and pray you do not have to go through the pain/misery and diseases that I live with, I do hope that you realize how much better your life can be when you live it attached to the one who is greater than us all. 

I received this card in the mail and it was absolutely perfect. So  perfect I just have to put it on here because it was so perfect! The person who sent it to me, deserve a gold medal for finding it because she doesn’t realize how true the words are and how nice it was to have encouragement said this way:

“It is so easy to say “feel better” or “get well” so much easier to say, in fact, than actually do! I wish having you feel like your old self again was as easy as snapping my fingers, but we both know its not. This will take time and will probably come with a few ups and downs along the way. But however long it takes know I will be thinking of you and cheering you toward better days…wishing always for your comfort and that you will feel a little stronger each day.

Suzanne Berry” (Hallmark Card). ”

Such an awesome card! Thank you so much friend for sending it to me!! On to a better brighter day tomorrow! Despite the significant pain I was in today, I am happy I can still smile tonight!!

~Buenas Noches 🙂

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