Weekend is over…

So sad that the weekend is over!!!! It seems like it is never long enough ūüôā It was a nice but painful weekend. I spent more time than I wanted on my couch, unfortunately most of today. It is amazing how despite doing nothing your body can still hurt so bad! That’s one thing that amazes me with this disease…you can do things or do nothing the outcome is usually the same…pain still happens.

Doing things is good though, if you just sit or lay around you get much stiffer than if you at least pushed yourself to do something. It doesn’t have to be a huge something but you need to do something. Today my something was going to second service, I couldn’t make it to both sunday school and church..but I did make it to service. Our paster preached an awesome sermon. I love this time of year when the focus shifts and remains on the sacrifice of our Lord.

I do not know about you but if you a good picture of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us watch the video “Jesus” or “the Passion of the Christ.”¬† I have watched the video that shares the life of Christ in so many different locations but yet the reaction of the people whether they have been Honduran, Lencan, Czech, etc. is the same. The light in their eyes as they see the story of the sacrifice of our Lord, allowing the gift of eternal life to be brought into this world. The reaction is amazing but what is more amazing is to watch throngs of people come forward to accept this gift. Brings tears to my eyes every time!

Sit and ponder Christ’s sacrifice…take just a moment to consider what was done.¬† For me there is a lot of significance¬†in this time…in fact it helps me keep going because I realize that the pain I feel daily..is only a drop in a bucket compared to what Christ felt on that day. It also helps me because I know that suffering¬†(my suffering) will not last forever and that I have the hope that one day I will have a re-newed body and I will be in a place one day where there will be no pain. How amazing is that?

Ohhhh¬† why does Monday have to follow Sunday!!! I am so tired today.. I don’t want to imagine how much more tired I will be tomorrow :(.¬† Thankfully the Lord has blessed me with a great job and a great group of colleagues, sad part 5 more days until the weekend¬† come back¬† ūüė¶

Off to rest..Monday is coming….

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