Still Waiting….

Well yesterday sitting for the first time in an oncology waiting office…it was an interesting feeling. The nurses were soooo very nice, definitely wanting you to feel at ease whether you were there alone (like me) or will family or friends (several others who came in while I was there). My doctor was also very nice, easy to talk to and very helpful in explaining things that if you didn’t go to medical school you probably could not understand, much less pronounce the words.

While much is still not know because more tests were ran yesterday (and I walked away all poked up thanks to my lovely SMALL veins) I do have a high red blood cell count, he called it something with a P. That could be caused by many things but again  still too soon to tell. I’m hoping that I don’t get a phone call with more bad news sometime next week or the next but again it is in God’s hands. 

My doctor did say I would have to keep seeing him regularly so  I already have an appointment to go back in September if the tests come back everything ok just a fluke. If they don’t then of course I will be seeing him long before then lol!

Interesting day right???? Well if you want to add to a fabulous day for some reason my RA/Fibro decided to take rear their ugly heads far worse than I have had before (probably the stress of a doctor’s appointment and some other things I have going on). I hurt sooooooooo bad there was not a number. I came home at 2:30 and I went to bed. I woke up at 8:30-9ish and got a small bite to eat and went back to bed. Here it is a little after 9 and I am still in bed…..

Hopefully I can slowly find a way to become a productive citizen lol!!

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