It’s a Monday

What a weekend….I did nothing but lay around in bed.  I hurt so bad, one night I could barely move my legs or my hands because it hurt sooo much. I’m so ready to one day be pain-free and not have to “depend” on pain killers to ease it. I’m sure I am not the only one out there that feels this way. If you suffer with RA/Fibro/Lupus you totally understand what I mean! 

Today my graduation announcements came in!! Wohoo!! Although I only order 25, mostly because they are expensive and my graduation is in Lynchburg… I know most people can not go. I am going to give  a few out at work and a few to family friends etc.

There has been so much on my mind this weekend…trust me I could write pages…but for some reason my mind is  not working..probably becauses I’m soooo tired and sadly I haven’t done much.

If anyone knows any good RA/Fibro sites please send them my way..I have been looking for one specifically with updates to research and more info on biologics. Also I’m trying to find ways to advocate for RA, any suggestions let me know?? Lastly since I’m graduating I’m in search of another project to do (yes I need something to work on that has an end goal…I will go nuts otherwise!!!).

Thanks for all the prayers and support! We need that more than you is hard to not feel overwhelmed, alone and even at moments questioning why God gave us this cross to bear. When those moments have passed I can’t help but thank God for all he is showing me. Pray that I listen more, seek more and continue to have my heart open for ways to serve the Lord. Through this journey I only hope and pray to touch someone else’s life and hopefully find myself in a closer walk with our Lord and Savior.

More soon!

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