Good Friday

What a beautiful Friday it has been! The weather is gorgeous and we are reminded that today we observe Good Friday! I am so thankful for my Saviors precious gift of salvation!

This weekend has been a weekend of resting and relaxing. Graduation is coming up and then summer school!!! I realized I should be thankful for these weeks that I can just rest! Here soon I will have papers, reading, and exams to do I order to finish my last 9hrs! In one way I miss being in school! I guess I feel more like I have a purpose!!

Not many plans this weekend..which is nice! We have church on Sunday! Woohoo! Last weeks service was good although I will say I miss the connection . I guess some of it is our fault…we have been so busy, tired, sick etc. We haven’t been able to be there for much but I feel at the same time should we always be the one who reaches out? Do we do that to our friends who are going through a tough time? Take a few moments to think, have you not reached out to someone because you are too “busy”? Life is short, life is precious! Your “true” friends support you, it is a two way street! If you are having to constantly do all the communicating realize it is a one way street and you need friends who are there doing their part too!

I am determined to become a better friend but also to recognize those who appear to be one way streets! God has blessed me with some great support, surprisingly some of them I don’t even know what their face looks like! Is not that awesome!

Rest, relaxation, contemplation but most importantly OUR LORD LIVES!

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