Weekends, nails and milkshakes

Almost the last day of the weekend!! TEAR!! You know I really love the weekends 🙂 I got my nails done today, back to white and pink 😦 I love playing with different nail colors but since I am graduating in a few weeks I figured I would go back to the white for now.

What do you think?

I tried a new nail place today, I really like it. Not that my old place was bad (in fact if you live around here and are looking for a place I would totally recommend them). I wast just looking for a place that was closer to where Matt and I normally go, basically save us from going out of our way just for my nails.

Matt got me an easter bunny, yet another furry creature to add to  my collection!! WOWHOO! Precious decided she would use it as a pillow 🙂

Funny right! If only we could all be cats! Sitting, sleeping, curling up in bed all day long! What I would give for that!!!

My RA medicine is back to attacking my stomach again. It is hard to eat much of anything these past few weeks. Milkshakes are about the only thing I can eat and usually that is about once a day. Ugh! I miss being able to eat real  food and I have been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad with my diabetes.

I know right at first it is easy to say you will be good. But after a few weeks  (like living with any lifestyle adjustment), you get tired of it. Accountability is probably something I need but I still am searching for someone to be that person.  To be honest Matt and I are seeing who are true friends are…we have had some who we thought would be there constantly and they have fallen away and others who have surprised us at being there for us. We realize people’s lives get busy but which is more important…the busyness of life or your friends?

Speaking of being a friend, I am searching for ways to be more involved in my community. We have (I have mostly) realize that we must also be friends to our supporters as well.  Matt is looking for additional ways to be involved in the church…we are not sure what is available of course but he is looking. I am looking as well to be involved in the church but I also want to find ways to volunteer in the community and at my job.

Hopefully I can be mentored and molded into a more well-rounded young woman. A woman who grows in determination despite the overwhelming circumstances and one that serves the Lord with all her heart.  I pray that God continues to use me for his glory, through this blog and any other thing that he has me do.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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