Today we miss you still

Three years ago today, my Dad left this earth to go to his heavenly home! I can replay that day as if it was yesterday. The pain still as real today as it was then, but it is a different pain today. That day it was pain of shock that he was gone, relief that he was in  no more  pain, and sadness that he was gone. although the reality of his death took weeks and months to finally sink in.

If you have lost a loved one you know deep down inside that time does heal a little bit at a time the hurt that you feel. No you will never be the same, no it will never stop hurting but you the days go by… stop the flow (what seems like a constant flow at first) of tears. You can slowly begin to remember the good days, the wonderful memories and smile instead of cry when you think of them.

This morning as I drove to work I could not help but think of my Dad. I miss not hearing his voice when I call, I miss not seeing him when I visit home but mostly I think I miss my yearly birthday phone call. I still catch myself sometimes picking up the phone and expecting to hit the dial button for home..and then I catch myself.

Tomorrow will be three years since Dad’s funeral. I still can remember the feeling of un-realness standing in the cemetery. You never forget that feeling!

I am thankful thought that I did get my dad for 21 years of my life. It was too soon for him to go, I was not ready but are we ever?

I still miss you Dad!

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