18 days and counting!

In 18 days  it will be graduation!! WOW! I still can not believe that this day is almost here! I have dreamed about it for the last three years but gosh it is sad to see the day almost here. The day after I get back from  graduation, I will start the last 9hrs of graduate school to actually finish the degree. These would have been courses I would have done this semester if I had not been sooo sick.

Tonight I am in sooooo much pain! I do not know why other than perhaps that Matt and I have been walking around the apartment complex when he gets home from work so maybe that extra strain after a day of working is affecting me. I can not wait to see what it will be like when I have to work and come home to school!!! (Keep me in prayer for sure!!)

I have been blessed with some amazing conversation this week! You do not realize how much conversations can be cherished, why? Well because we were made as beings that need to communicate! To be able to laugh with someone, smile with someone and just encourage each other, it can be something that changes your day from being a gloomy day to a fabulous day!

I will say (again probably because I have said it already), I have realized how important relationships are! It is important to serve in your community, to love on people in need and to encourage each other!

Off to bed! blessings!

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