A new week! YAY!

There is something about weekends, maybe because it just marks another week ended? Regardless the start of a new week means you have yet another opportunity to serve the Lord, to smile at your day and to hopefully touch someone’s life!

This past weekend, not much was accomplished! Mostly because as “usual” I did not feel good at all! I have decided that there will not be much solid food on my menu for a while! Seems like nothing much sets good..sad thing is …have I lost any weight!! NOO!! LOL! Well my husband thinks I have but I don’t believe it! Of course I hate getting on scales so I can’t really know for sure!

Graduation is in 11 days! I can’t believe that!! While I will still have 9hrs of graduate school this summer I am very sad to know that this program is almost over! Although a new perspective is to see what will happen in the future!!

We did try one new thing this past weekend! Matt and I tried a new church! We love the preaching at our old church but it seems like we are struggling to find ministries where we can get connected. Pray for us as we look for the place that God would want us to be so we can serve him, whether that is in our current church or elsewhere!

Off to bed!!!

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