Chillen with the Voice!!!

Matt and I are enjoying resting and watching t.v! We started watching the show “The Voice,” it is really not too bad. I am still trying to figure out the point but so far it has been interesting. Tonight I had a little more energy to run one errand when I came home! Woohoo!! Although Matt and I did not get our walk, I don’t know but it was COLD out there today!  Maybe that is just because I love it being extra warm outside lol!

I still have not gotten to an evening where I do not have to go home and sleep but maybe one day right!! At least I can enjoy tv from the couch although when I take my classes over the summer I doubt I will be able to do anything but eat, sleep, work and swim in homework. Although honestly that does not really bother me. I love to be busy and I think one thing that has really made me upset since I got sick is that I am unable to stay busy!

My hope is that sometime soon I can start getting involved in a service organization so I can start giving back. Not only to friends and family but also to the community in which I live in. HURRAY!!!

Also I think  today I came to some conclusions about what I will do in the future. I love how God gives you bread crumbs!! The one thing I definitely have realized is that God never makes mistakes. Yes it seems so easy  to say that but sometimes it is a little harder to believe it. When God gives us place to be, people to meet and things like that it is for a reason. It does not necessarily mean that you will always be in that particular area, that particular group of friends or even that particular city for that matter. Regardless of what happens in the end, for that time or for that moment you were meant to intersect with either that person, that group etc.

God definitely does not make mistakes! Even when it comes to what we have to face in our daily lives, for example living in pain LOL! Does it suck, OH MOST DEFINITELY! Do I wish I could take something to make it go away? HECK YES! Do I get tired of hearing “how are you doing? You look great so you must be feeling better!!!”  Oh my gosh YES!

I realize that God has a purpose, a beautiful plan! I’m excited to see where God takes me, what he has me doing this time next year and most importantly what my future becomes!

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