Oh I almost forgot!!

Before I forget!! My pitiful old brain keeps forgetting soooooooooooooooooo many things!! Two very cool things that happened today! YES I LOVE COOL THINGS!!!

1) I finished another project aimed at raising awareness and creating a place for invisible illness sufferers and family to hopefully network and connect!! I created a facebook page “Support those living with RA and Fibromyalgia.” Like the page, suggest it to your friends, family etc. Raise awareness as much as possible! Many thanks!!

One small voice, can start a crowd shouting! Let’s work at helping RA/Fibro/Invisible Illness awareness up at this time next year! Do not let those suffering, to have to suffer alone!

My second awesome amazing thing that happened!! I got a bunch of makeup!! YAY!! One of my sweet friends (which she is totally awesome, she does not realize I love seeing her as much as I do and wish I could see her more!) But anyways she brought me some eyeliner’s, eye shadows and lipstick! The stuff is awesome!! There is nothing better to perk you up that MAKEUP!! 🙂

Yes I know if you are a man reading this you are totally rolling your eyes! But you do not understand!! There is nothing I love better than playing with makeup!!

God is good! Yes all the time God is good! And I will continue to praise him and be thankful for all he has done in my life!

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