Its my show night!!!

There are two things  I love about Wednesday !! One – it means that we are closer to Friday YAY!! And two, I get to watch some of my favorite shows!! WOOHOO!! Of course I know it sounds lame but I love crawling onto the couch and then watching my shows back to back! I think I have been watching Law and Order SVU since it has been on and I still love it!! 😛

Wow I can not believe this but this time next week I will be packing and getting ready to head to the airport on Thursday! Can not believe it! I am soooo hoping and praying that my body holds up ok. It will be really hard to travel all day Thursday, travel to campus and do all the stuff on Friday that needs done and then be back on campus by 8 for ceremonies that are going to take all day. Then to travel back on Sunday for a full work week on Monday!

Yes it will be a whirlwind week but I hope to rest as much as possible, I am going to have to right!! Friday after I check in, get my cords, etc. I will probably show my face briefly at the reception and then I will probably head back to the hotel and rest! Saturday gosh! I’m taking two pairs of shoes! One pair of flats for walking on the field and then another pair of shoes for the afternoon ceremony! Hopefully I can make both! The second one is most important but I love the thought of sitting on the field with all the other graduates too!!

I need to go shopping! Maybe tomorrow!! (YAY RIGHT!)  I always have goals of going 0ut and doing stuff when I get home but alas there are some nights I just rest! Gosh summer school is going to so knock me on my behind! Ok well I’m heading to bed! Hoping and praying for a great day tomorrow! Blessings!!! !

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