So many good things!!!

It is awesome when so many good things happen in a sort amount of time!! This week happened  to be my week of good things, and boy did I need it!! Trust me it has been soooooooooooooooo hard especially these past few weeks. Graduation is coming up and I have mixed feelings. When I graduated from college I had just gotten a new job (my first staff job) and both my parents were coming to see me on that day. This time thankfully I have a great job that I do not plan on leaving for a while and neither of my parents will be there. My mom is going to her grand daughter’s graduation which is awesome! I’m proud that she can make that memory. And my Dad, well he will be watching from heaven!

Anyways on  Friday at work I had a “suprise” lunch celebrating my graduation! Oh my gosh there was sooooo much food!! Yummy food too!! It was great to sit around and talk with co-workers. Honestly I think we all just needed to have some  time to chill, relax etc. Of course I won’t lie it did make it hard to go back and “work.” But we all got through it! YAY! I was given two really cool picture frames, can’t wait to get some pictures for them.

Saturday I woke up and went and had a massage. It felt painful (yet good in its own way). I am hoping that continuinig to do them will help ease some of the pain I am always in. It hasn’t happend yet but hopefully it will not be a botched experiement lol! Then after my massage, Matt decided he wanted to celebrate our 1.5 year anniversary (so sweet!!!). Unfortuately the resturant we picked was packed out and the food was cold by the time it got to was an experience :). We went home and rested and then went out again to watch a movie! Matt went to see his movie and I met up with an awesome friend and we watched our girl movie. I still don’t get the point of the name but it was cute.

Unfortuately my cold  got worse last night, the stuffy nose, sore throat etc. are now really annoying!!!! I decided to stay home from church to hopefully let my body rest and keep my cold from getting too much worse. I really do not want to be sick traveling this week!! Imagine how fun that will be lol!

Just a few more days and our traveling begins woohoo!! 🙂

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