Monday down, the rest of the week to go

Monday is done! YAY! I had hoped my throat and head would stop hurting but alas not my luck. Tonight I hurt so bad, I have to say it is soo annoying to have everything hurting including your toes! Really…toes should not hurt!!! I spent the evening vegging on the couch and watching some shows…this time next week I’ll be starting on the last 9hrs of my graduate degree. Graduation is this weekend but I will not be done until August! I am happy that I am this close to the end but so sad to see it end!

I am hopeful I can find something that will use my talents, my education and my heart for serving people. I hate the thought of moving out of my comfort zone to new things but at the same time I am excited. Patience on my part , the waiting ..that really gets annoying but at the same time everything serves a purpose! I am praying that maybe the next year while I’m working on paying back the lovely student loans and waiting to see if a doctoral program is for me – that I can get active in a church and hopefully work on encouraging others to continue on in their journeys. Lets see what happens 🙂

I probably should start by getting a head start on my reading for the next few weeks..but at the same time I think that I am so excited to have my “normal” back that I don’t want to start too early! Watch me not be so excited when I have lots of papers due! But at the same time that’s what makes graduate school fun! 🙂

RA you can take a hike for tonight! I want a good night sleep! Let’s hope I get one!

P.s. if you ever want to feel what it is like in my shoes  – I can not remember the last time I went to sleep and slept the whole night pain free much less waking up in the morning with no pain! 😦 Maybe one day soon! I need all the support I can keep me encouraged. The Lord knows why this is my journey but I desperately need all your support to keep on making it! Thank you for all your encouragement!

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