To the many graduates that join Class of 2011

 To the graduate

 Today,you end one journey and begin yet another one. You have worked countless hours
to finish this race, you did it! It has not been an easy journey, for most this
journey has brought much sacrifice. You have struggled writing those papers,
studying for the exams, and writing numerous discussion posts. There were no
doubt moments that you wondered “why am I doing this?”

Yet, you did not quit, you did not give up; instead, you persevered. In this race,
you earned self-worth, knowledge that you could do it, and a deeper
relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. The world is ahead of you, our Savior
beside you.

As, you start tomorrow, in your new chapter, do not forget these key things that
you learned. First, remember that through our Lord Jesus Christ, you can do anything! Second, without
our Lord, you will fail! And lastly, remember each person that helped you make
it this far; hold them dear to your heart. They are your toughest supporters,
they love you for you, and they are here to remind you that every time you want
to quit, – YOU CAN DO IT!

Class of 2011,

yes you are part of this class, you have ended one road.

May God bless you as you start on the next one!



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