A break from the usual…

Do you ever want to take a break? Leave the ordinary same things that you do all the time? Sometimes I think we are so attached to our electronic devices that we struggle to see what life would be like with out them?

This weekend I decided I just needed a break from it. I turned off my phone and forced myself to not check emails or play on the computer.  Why? Well classes are starting today and honestly sometimes I forget what it is like to not have a phone or computer. I grew up that way but you get used to your electronic devices very quickly. I feel like sometimes I am attached to m phone in every way. It is by my side all the time – at work, sleeping etc. Sometimes I think that is one reason we can tend to become isolated is because we get so focused on the electronics and onlnie social media that we forget what the real world has for us. The real relationships, I guess that’s what I miss the most actually spending time with people face to face and not just online.

It was nice, in its own way, just staying at home and resting. I was sad  of course that I could not go to my graduation. It doesn’t even feel like I graduated although I know on paper it says I did. I guess when I get my diploma in the mail it will be official right :). Well after the summer, courses start today. I have to work on an ethics paper and a social issues involving human services. Those will both be very interesting! 🙂

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