I know most people probably would not say that but I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in school. There is just something about the rigorous program that encourages you to stay on top of things that I love. I love researching for papers, and I love just learning something new. It is tiring work and by no means easy but it is still an excellent thing to be investing in, at least that is what I think 🙂

Yesterday I came home and I took a nap so I could make sure I could stay up and do some homework. Thanks to reading some on Sunday afternoon I was able to finish my first DB post for my Intro course. Then I was able to do my introduction post for the Group class. That leaves me with doing some research, writing another original and reply DB post and then going through and getting ahead for next week. It is sad to believe that I am working down to the last 16 weeks of my MA. Graduating last weekend made the finality of it all come together, this program is almost over! What is next?

I have been tossing around several doctoral programs..I’m not sure if I want to do residential or go on to another hybrid program such as those offered at Regent or Antioch. Those are excellent programs but require a lot of additional travel through out the year. So I have a lot of thinking to do. I probably will not send out apps for the F12 start year so that gives me time to think through, pray through and research my many options.

I guess for me school is like the travel bug, once you start you can not stop lol! Speaking of travel, my graduation reminded me of the graduation trip I wanted to take when I finished college. I think it would be fun to visit some foreign country to celebrate being done…hmmm maybe next year!

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