Week #1 of 16 weeks

In sixteen weeks all the coursework that I did not get finished will be done. So far I have managed to work ahead in the evenings and now  Week #1 is already done. I am very excited to be a little bit ahead…maybe Matt and I can go somewhere for Memorial Weekend. The goal for us is to enjoy some time to ourselves, regardless of me being in school!!!

I had coffee with a person who has grown to be a close friend, probably one of the few women I feel I can open up to. She has a giving spirit and yearns to know the Lord more. I wish sometimes I had her appetite for reading the Bible, some days I even envy her wisdom (I know that sounds so wrong!!). We enjoy a good hour and a half at Starbucks, catching up and sharing what was on our hearts.

It was the first time in weeks that I was able to get some energy up and meet with some one after work!! I was very happy! I have missed getting some quality woman to woman time! Hopefully I can do more of it…anyone want to join me for Starbucks 🙂

This weekend I hope to get more work done on my papers and hopefully get ahead with my reading etc.  YAY!! I have missed spending my Saturday afternoons buried in Ebesco host searching for research articles 🙂

On to more reading!!! 🙂

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