Another Sunday :)

It is hard to believe how fast the weekend goes by! It seems like it was just yesterday that Friday ended :). Saturday, I did not get much done because of all the pain. I woke up and started doing some homework, and then about 3p.m. Matt wanted to go see a movie. So we decided on an early dinner/movie at the Movie Tavern. Fast Five certainly did not disappoint! Great movie!

After the movie I hurt so bad, we came home and I slept the rest of the night! Sad right! Sooo much for getting a lot of homework done! 🙂 Then today I woke up hurting so bad I’m laying on the couch hoping to read some while Matt went ahead and went to church. 😦 I felt bad I couldn’t go…maybe some day they will have church where you can lay down lol!

At least Memorial Day weekend is coming up! Maybe we will go and enjoy some time outside of Humble! Oh the beach sounds good! 🙂 Well I can picture me sitting outside, by the pool with a laptop doing my homework! LOL! That or sitting on the beach and typing! 🙂

15 more weeks and this degree is over. Time to pray about what is the next one to focus on..there are several really good Counseling programs out there…or maybe I will go into something a little more specific to what work I would like to do. So many things to consider…I have lots of praying to do 🙂

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