The week is here!

I managed to get some studying done today, this week I have a busy week of getting some papers done, tests and quiz’s. As much as I hate the stress of quizzes and tests….I still love school. Let’s see what I say after the week is over right 😛

Apparently when I am procrastinating on studying I have to take pictures of the little one..I could not resist these two pictures.

And her adorable face 🙂

Yes she is going to become a popular web kitty! 🙂

One of my classes discusses groups, and one thing that  I have really discovered is that yes as humans we want to be part of “something.”  The desire to be in a group – church group, community group, group at work etc. it is inherent in us. The sad part is that from my experience you can be easily forgotten from a group..why because the people in the group get too busy. Their lives take priority or they keep up with the needs of the “popular” (for lack of better words) ones in the group but the less important ones are forgotten. Is not that sad?

Think of how many people you have come in touch with? Now think of how many of those you have actively sought out a relationship with? How many of those people have gone and been forgotten because your life got to busy? It is sad but it seems like we all have done that in some form or fashion. The sad part of that is that this happens not only among “friends” but sadly in our churches.

Many people I have encountered look at churches wanting family, communion or relationships. How are those supposed to grow when the groups inside the church are so focused on their cliques? How can new people be nurtured or grown when it feels like the church is full of cliques? Not that all churches have cliques and not that all churches do not welcome people but it is something to consider. Why? Because this world is full of hurting people and hurting people need a place to go where they feel loved, unjudged, etc.

The great thing about learning about how people work and interact is that you begin to see the world and the people for who they are, not who they want you to see! We have to keep our eyes open and instead of surrounding ourselves with people who easily get too involved in their lives..surround yourself with those who care about the world they live in. After all…when you desperately need something is your job going to be there for you? No your friends and family will be and sadly if you have spent all your time thinking about yourself…you will not have anyone there supporting you.

I would not want that on any one, learn to think more about those around you! I know I am!

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