Quiz #1

First quiz is done!! Praise the Lord I made an A!!! I went home today, took a nap and then was able to focus enough to take my exam. I am so blessed to have the Lord on my side! Today was such as hard day, the pain was tremendous and if you have Fibro you know the mental fog that it seems you live in. Not only does every joint have but the fatigue, it feels as if you have run a marathon and even after 9hrs of sleep, you are still exhausted.

Even after a nap on a the couch, my knees, hips, hands and back are killing me! Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight; although, it may have been weeks before I  have gotten a good nights sleep. It is really hard to sleep when every position hurts your body (hmm maybe sleeping standing up??) No that would not work because my knees and legs would kill me after about 20 minutes, if I lasted that long.

The mental fog is so hard to handle…it probably comes from a mixture of things – lack of sleep and pain (when your body lives in pain it can affect everything about it). Today it was nice to just sit in the office and be alone, it was quiet and although I tried my hardest to not focus on the pain…it still was every present. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better! It it sad when there are days you would rather have no legs  because the ones you have are just hurting you so bad! Sad right!

I think the saddest part is that I know I am not alone! There are so many people (men and women) who are struggling with RA and Fibro (or combined like me).  These horrible invisible diseases have the ability to sap your life away and they do not just attack the elderly! You can get this disease as young as 6 months old! If you do not do anything today, email the Arthritis.org association to ask for more support  especially in research to find a cure. No one should have to suffer like me or people like me!

You can brush your hair, lift your coffee cup, button your blouse, wash your hair, or walk around pain free – should not we be able to do that too?

One thought on “Quiz #1

  1. Good morning! I just stopped by to see how you are doing this weekend and to see what is on your mind. Figured I could save you from having to type it twice by just coming here.

    Study study study….eyedrops….study study study….eyedrops..push cat off books….study study study…..

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