Precious :)

Yes her name is Precious! Adorable and sweet, fluffy and purry..and yes she is my adorable cat!! I love how she can curl up in the most insane places and fall fast asleep! While sometimes she acts as if she could care less with what I feel…usually only acting like she loves me when she is hungry…there are times she will meow and jump up on the couch! So adorable!

Tonight I procrastinated a bit more than usual…my pain levels are through the roof! No relief all night and no relief all day today! I felt like my legs were broken  :(!! Make sitting at my desk soooo hard…some time about mid day my shoulder joints started kicking in with pain …adding to the time clock counting down so slow!!!! But I made it through! YAY!!

Hopefully tonight I can actually get some sleep and maybe tomorrow (hopefully!!) I will not hurt as bad!!!

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