A four letter word!

Today has been such a long day! When I got up this morning I did not realize I would not stop going until now….10:30p.m. I finally put my homework down! Exhausted but still mentally trying to process everything that I have to get done over the weekend and planning for what I need to do over the following weeks.

I will say….if you are looking for dumb what not to do….let me give you some!

1. Do not register to take the GRE while you are taking 9hrs of graduate work..OVER SUMMER SCHOOL. I do not know what possessed me to do that…because how on earth am I going to study for the GRE? And to be clear I SUCK at math! Tonight I started working on fractions…how did I pass this stuff in high school???? Why on earth would someone want to self torture with learning decimals or working with fractions??? Really…brain where did you go????

2. Do not register for 9hrs of summer school when your body is NOT healthy! Although I wil say having something to focus your mind on, it does help but gosh..the deadlines really are real! If you do not get your homework done…you will get a bad grade!!! I am really really really torn with what I will do about my GPA. Right now I have a 4.0 so basically with the last three classes I have to do I could potentially do a poor job, make C’s and I would still graduate with no problem. However, I would not have the “graduate of high distinction” on my transcript…something I have been working for since I started graduate school. Not that any one cares..when you have a master’s degree, you have a master’s degree…no one really cares if you have one with a 2.5 or a 4.0!

3. Do not work on your doctoral applications while you are taking 9hrs of graduate school and planning for the GRE! That is just torture in itself. Although the good thing is that some of the applications do not fully open until almost the end of the summer…so I have a little bit more time to work on those.

July 9th is the day that will come all toooo soon! Although I have decided I will not let myself be scared about the GRE. I will not let myself get anxious over the GRE. I will do my best, and that is all I can do. I will put my GRE, classes, and body in the hands of the Father. He will take care of me.

What happens happens….if the Lord blesses me and I get into a doctoral program..excellent. If not, then there is something else in store for me and I will try again next year!

Eyes are killing me so off I go to chill for a little bit so I can rest!

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