Half of the year gone!

Can you believe it is June already! Wow it seems like the year just started..what a whirlwind life changing year this has been! Soon it will mark the one year anniversary since I was officially diagnosed as having RA. You know I will never forget that day!!

I have two major papers to write, tons of reading to do and for some reason no matter how much I dig for research I still come up empty. One one paper I figured out the research but on the other one I’m struggling. Maybe because the topic is not as interesting as the first one! I much prefer papers that allow me to come up with the topic; although, depending how tired my brain is sometimes it is easier to have some one tell what to do!

I’m working on 3 weeks down and 13  more weeks to go before the MA is done! I can not wait to get the diploma; although I need to find a frame for it. Ugh! My BA degree was unframed for almost three years! At least it wasn’t damaged lol! Now I have it framed and pretty on the wall..I need to decide how I’m going to frame the other one.

Off to do more homework…after a nap!! My pain levels have not gone down so I’m not getting a lot of sleep at night. What is even more annoying is that the medicine for my eyes helps but not a whole bunch. Or maybe I’m not giving it enough time to work! 😦 Despite all the pain I am trying to stay positive! I know I can still do a lot for other people! 🙂

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