It’s almost Friday

It’s almost friday yay!!! I’m ready for a quiet weekend to rest and relax just a little bit. I have been spending at least an hour each night “attempting” to relearn the basic math principles that have long long long been forgotten. A few nights ago I went back through learning fractions!!! Oh gosh did I feel dumb. Then the next night it was learning decimals, decimal places and how to multiple,divided etc. fractions. Tonight I did some comparative qualitative questions and then worked very briefly on graphs. It was certainly interesting….definetely making me feel soo much dumber than I think I am (or at least I hope I am).

Don’t even bring me to the verbal quantitative section! My goal is to just get higher than I did last time! Honestly I hope that the GRE scores do not have that much of an impact on my applications. And if they do then at least  I will be able to study just for them after I do m applications and I will have experienced the application at least one time so that will be a positive for me. Either way the applications go I’m ready for it!

God help me though with studying! 🙂 Any prayers you can offer up will certainly help! 🙂

Off to bed I go. have a great night!!

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