Research and more research

With two major term papers due at the same time I’m trying to get ahead start on my journal articles and the other pieces of  research that I need. It has made th day fun for sure! The sad part is that no matter what I seem to do…my pain just stays basically at the same level. Thankfully! it has not gotten worse but sadly it has not gotten better either. It is a tiring questions to answer the “how are you feeling.” I think I have gotten good at not showing how much I hurt or how bad I feel. On reason for that is because if I let myself show/act how bad I feel..I think I would not even be able to get out of bed. Some relief would be much appreciated!!!!

Matt and I have spent some time today watching National Geographic documentaries! So interesting! One was on some of the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. It seems like there can be conspiracy theories for everything in our past! Right now I’m planning for how to tackle next weeks’ homework and watching a Mayan documentary. It makes me miss being in Honduras’ Copan Ruins ( It was one of the biggest civilizations built by the Mayan culture. Gorgeous to walk through! I loved being there both times I went to visit! I want Matt and I to go, I think he would enjoy it. There are also some great Mayan civilizations in Guatemala and southern Mexico but I have never been there….maybe one day 🙂

Back to studying I go! 🙂

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