Soooooo ready!!

I hope I am not the only one who is ready to sleep in for a long time!! This week has been busy and tiring. As usually the nights consist of waking up about every hour or so to painfully turn over and shift to find a more comfortable position. It is sooo not fun! I actually am wondering what it would be like to sleep in like a pool of water where there where you can just float and not have the pain of shifting on a mattress. Doubt it would work but you never know!!

Sadly this week I have to go the dentist! Ugh! Not that I hate dentists I just dislike greatly having to go! But better to get the issues taken care of when they are not big versus waiting tooo long and then you have a huge mess to deal with. But at least I am off Friday’s now! Woohoo! I can spend the whole day working on HOMEWORK!! 🙂 Can’ t beat that! 🙂

Kitty decided she was annoyed with me 😦


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