I look like a chipmunk

😦 That is what happens after a day at the dentist!! Yes I know I should take better care brushing and flossing! I got a much better desire to do that now that I currently look like a chipmunk from my swollen jaws! 😦 I HATE cavities!!!!! It was not the best way to start my friday’s off from work (we have changed to a summer schedule which I LOVE) but oh well it had to be done.

After my dentist visit, Matt and I went to this cool pasta place close to the dentist office. Thanks to all my medical issues, a special type of dental anesthesia ha to be used to about the time I was walking out the door my anesthesia was almost worn off. Anyways this place was really yummy! Quiet and  home-made italian food! Much delicious!

I was worn out and in lots of pain so I went hom and spent the next few hours asleep. I woke up and sadly have been working on this annotated bibliography since then! I love reading through articles but some days it is just not what I’m in the mood to do!! I need to get back to studying for my GRE…I have not spent any time this week on either the math or the verbal section! Must work on those tomorrow! Hence the need to get my AB done tonight or as early tomorrow as possible!!

Wish me luck on the homework! 🙂

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