It just keeps on coming!

Exhaustion is the word that comes to my mind!!! My body hurts and my mind hurts….this is a week that suffering with RA and Fibro really really stresses me to the limits! I wish so much this week that I did not have to have the pain but mostly the exhaustion! It is as if it takes everything I have just to get up and walk around!

Thankfully thought I’m still hanging on tight! Although today after looking at what I have done I have decided to not take the GRE this summer. My first reason is because I already have scores and I know that the scores, while they play a part in the admission decision, are not necessarily the most important part of the application. Second I realize that if I do not get in on the first try that I can re-take the test next year when I have much more time to dedicate to preparing.

So for now I will focus on finishing these classes and doing a great job (Lord willing) and then the doctoral apps will consume me!

NOW! I just need to get well…my chest aches, my ears hurts, throat hurts and I cant’ stop sneezing! That on top of all the pain …makes for a pooo day!!

Oh well! At least I can study tonight 🙂 Off to that I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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