Yet again in bed

So my goal of getting through this week without getting sick again…totally blew up in my face. By Monday afternoon I felt like I had just run a marathon and then my Wednesday I knew I needed to be in bed or if I pushed myself further I would be way sicker. Thankfully I have a great work environment and I have sick/vacation time to leave and rest at home. I went to bed last night about 10:30 (after spending the afternoon laying in bed watching tv) and woke up at noon. My body is just exhausted…and my throat feels like sandpaper along with hurting ears. I now can totally understand why they say that when you are on auto-immune suppressants, a tiny cold can really knock you down.

I can not help but think of those who have battled RA for a lot longer than me and are on a lot tougher drugs than me. Ladies and men, those of you who are warriors now in the is battle…I look up to you. I am still a baby learning to handle this disease…I just cannot imagine suffering like this for years and the rest of my life. God better give me strength that moves mountains because I cannot do it on my own that is for sure.

Praise the Lord though! I have managed to get 6 weeks into my two 8 week classes! Holding A’s in both so far, only by God’s grace. I am sad to see these two classes coming to an end because I know that means my MA is drawing closer to ending. My next class that opens officially Monday (for two weeks I’ll be doing 3 classes) is a great class. I know I will certainly enjoy it!

I am so thankful too that while we may not spend as much time prayer as we need to or as much time reading the Bible as we need to…God does not leave us not forsake us. I will be honest…this past year (and probably more) I have slipped away from reading the Bible as much as I should or praying as much as I should. Praise the Lord though he does not leave me…he doesn’t shun me away because I am not dedicating as much of my time as I should. Isn’t that awesome…who would not want such as relationship with our Heavenly Father? To have a person who is there no matter what, no matter how you treat him…I mean it is awesome.

Faith is certainly something that you need to get through this rough of a time. I am thankful for that faith and I am thankful for all my colleagues and distant friends who give support. We certainly need all the support we can get. God has blessed and for that I hope that I too can be a blessing to some one.

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