Have you ever felt ….frustrated???

I do not know about you but some days I am just totally frustrated! From the makeup that I can’t find to the toothpaste not coming right out of the tube! Yes it was certainly a Monday!! I have been working on homework and balancing three classes I think is going to drive me up one wall and down another one! It is very very exhausting to be taking 3 graduate level classes in an 8 week period! My mental note to myself…don’t ever do that again! Thankfully though two of the classes are finishing in two (2) weeks so I only have to be tortured until then. For one of my papers I have the final paper done, but this week I need to write the other one! I am just struggling to get my mind wrapped around doing it! One reason is because I think it is on a topic that is difficult to discuss. Ethics are essential and vital to any profession but writing about it…it is just tough!!

This weekend marked yet another week that I have been battling this “stupid” cold!!! I am ready to feel not so drained…the drained feelings from the RA/Fibro is hard enough much less the tiredness caused from the coughing/sneezing/headache etc. of a cold. Hopefully maybe this week it will get better!! At least we get off Friday and Monday!!! Wohoo..more time to focus on studying so I have a little less pressure on me, which is very nice!!

Also this weekend I had a straightening perm put in my hair. unfortunately I have been losing so much hair…I wasn’t sure what to do. The hair loss is from the auto immune suppressant medication that I have to take so unfortunately there is really no fix. Anyways I straightened my hair so I will not have to brush it as much as when my hair was curly. I also got some better shampoo and extra little things to protect it. Now I can just touch it up with my straigther and I’ll be golden.

Another change was I feel like I can go back to wearing pants again! I stopped wearing them back in Feb. because it was so hard for my fingers to work around the clasps. But now that I am a little better on that aspect I can’t wait to be back wearing pants. Although since it is summer I’ll be wearing the usual skirts etc..but the hardest part is that the building in which I work is soooooo dang cold. You wear a skirt and sandals…you end up freezing!!

Exciting small changes can make your life happier which is nice! I ordered some more pants online and I got some tops ordered too! Wohoo! I haven’t lost that much weight but at least I am happy with how I look! That’s a major positive! 🙂

Back to studying and playing with the little ones! I love them sooo much! And like one person said…it helps to focus on them instead of all the pain I am in!

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