The one weekend out of the year that I totally LOVE!! We are off Friday and Monday! You cannot beat that! So far I managed to sleep in this morning which was AWESOME and then today I have just been working on homework and watching TV. I also ordered a few more things from my FAVORITE stores (JcPenny and New York and Co). I have been trying to get a few more tops and pants especially as the weather will be changing soon…sadly I can not wear gaucho pants during the winter!

We learned that a dear friend of ours is going through a rough time this weekend .That really made us think how quickly (a snap of your fingers) life can change. Have you ever thought about change? How much change can affect your life? I know my life changed drastically over the past few months (year whatever). It is hard to deal with change…in fact I think we honestly grieve change. There is nothing wrong with grieving change because in all honesty we have to learn to let go of what we had (job, loved one, home etc.) before we can move into the future of adjusting to the new place, the new job, or the new person in our lives.

God knows the changes we are going through! Praise God we can lean on him in those changes but it is still very hard! I pray that we all take a moment to look at our lives and think about how we handle change in our lives. Then think about those close loved ones who may be dealing with change. Think about how you can help them!

The good thing is that change is only for a season! We have to remember that! Change does not last forever!

I’m attaching some pictures of the babies as I love to call them! They were both so adorable sleeping next to me today while I was doing homework!


Matt and I decided to take a picture of our wedding rings. The one we got for him was too  big and in order to re-size  it, he would have to get a brand new one.  So instead we went and go him one from one of my favorite jewelry stores. Here is our new picture of our rings. 🙂


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