Happy Birthday America!

Just watched some fire works on TV, gorgeous display! I’m still getting used to celebrating Independence Day in July! I celebrated Independence Day on September 15th for soo many years! 🙂

Back to the grind tomorrow! Finishing up two classes and continuing on my third course. I’m happy to be done with two classes but sad to know that I’m on my last class! In 6 weeks I’ll be done with my MA, not only official;y (having it already been conferred in May) but also all requirements are done. I”m crossing my fingers that I can keep the 4.0 although I am having doubts with my final paper I submitted earlier today. It is so hard to write well when you feel so bad. Oh well having a perfect GPA is really only something I push myself to get…would be nice but I’m ok if I make a B. Doesn’t mean I won’t cry about it but at least the degree is DONE!

Lots of pain this weekend so I did not get to do much! 😦 Although this month is my doctor appointment month….I think I see like 3-4 doctors this week not counting my eye doctor! Wooohoo!! NOT! Although I do see my rheumatologist so maybe I can something stronger 😦 for my RA. I hate the thought of getting something stronger because this medicine is so hard on my body but I need it to keep my pain down. I thought about collecting all the hair I’m losing but then I realized that was probably pretty gross!!! Every time I brush my hair, I just have handfuls of hair coming out. Thank God I used to have thick hair!! 🙂 Matt is trying to convince me to get a wig lol!

Here is how Pepper celebrated her 1st 4th of July 🙂


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