Can we climb Everest?

While searching for updates on RA, I stumbled across this web article:

I will say it brought tears to my eyes because I can not imagine doing what this person did. Our disease is so painful, I could not imagine walking up  the mountain side much less trekking up Everest! The good thing is that unlike me this person pushed himself to limits he thought he did not have, but most importantly he did not give up!

Despite the pain, despite how much everything hurts and days that we just feel so rotten we do not know how to go on…let us pick ourselves up and just take one more step! The funny thing about this disease is that you can live in silence..fighting an invisible disease. To this day I am surrounded by people who are great and awesome but  who truly do not understand what this disease is. They do not realize that this disease does not leave, that I do not hurt and that while yes I’m smiling and being nice …inside I am hurting and some days more than I can bear.

The good thing is I hope one day those of us with RA do not have to suffer alone or in silence! One day I pray that we can have as many people know about us as HIV/AIDS people or cancer people have that know about them. Spread the word about this disease, learn about this disease and most importantly pray each and every person who has to live in a life of un-stoppable pain!


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