So much going on!!!

It’s been nuts these past few weeks as I’m sure you have noticed..not much posting on my end. That is probably for several reasons. Starting last Friday I was in so much pain that I ended up not doing anything really. Then Saturday I tried to get up and do things but not much was accomplished. Sunday, Matt and I went to church but after that I did not do much. It has been certainly a painful week but at least I am still “more or less” keeping up with homework.

So far it looks like I  have one A and then I”m stil waiting on a grade for the second class. Right now I’m working on getting all the requirements done for my third and LAST class for my MA. I’m still trying to convince myself to stay up with things and hopefully I will be good for applying to doctoral programs this fall. It seems like so many things are going on but I’m praying that things work out. Either way I know God is in control.

Matt and I had hoped to maybe go somewhere before the summer was over BUT it does not look that will happen :(. SAD! But hopefully during the fall I can do something as I will be CLASS FREE!!!

Back to the stressfullness of the week!!

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