Movies and Relaxing

I’m so excited to be done with the papers and stuff for two classes! I feel like this week I can relax a lot more than what I had been doing with taking on two classes! I’m going to spend some time looking at the different schools web-sites to see not only the programs but what they offer as far as different options such as possible different areas to work in. Not that I do not love my job but finishing a degree I am too qualified to be in the area that I am…and of course you can expect when you get a graduate level degree you do something more than just work at a beginner’s level. Some one made a great example by say that it does not make sense to spend $38K + getting an education and working at a 20K job! Which makes total sense I have worked hard and spent a lot of my on my education, I need to put it to good use!

Who knows when the change to another position will be or what it will be…but I know that once my degree is officially done and posted to my transcript. This also means that I need to start moving out of my comfort zone and moving up to a different position! SCARY!!! I am in a very stressful place that’s for sure! Who knows maybe it will take a few years to get moved up lol! I hope not but you never know!

I’m going in search of a “how to get into Ph.D programs” book…if there is one out there…lol! I’m hoping to start working 100% on my applications once I finish this last class! I have my programs and how I am rating them as far as what I want to do. I’m praying my body holds up! Lets hope I still have some hair to play with lol!

Tonight is watching movies and maybe a late walmart run! 🙂

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