Today has the been the day to lay on the couch and watch more movies! I seriously need a hobby that does not take much work but that stimulates my brain! Any suggestions????

The girls have been playing and sleeping all day! I envy them sooo much! As cats all they really have to be concerned with is if they have food and where their litter box is located. Although Pepper is determined to destroy the house by  dragging anything she can around the room! You have to love cats…so inqusitive about everything! It’s so funny and cute!

I was tempted to get a pedicure today but I just did not have any energy! 😦 SAD!! Although at least I worked on 5 different applications and sent them in! I laughed Matt’s support was this “you know some people send out 100’s of applications and never hear back.” Which I know is true and I am just hoping and praying that God shows me where he would like me to go. My dream would be to stay in this company that I currently work with but move up a notch or two with getting my degree and then continue moving up as the years go by. I have made a decision though I will not move laterally and I will not stay where I am…hopefully that works out lol!

Back to watching movies! Say a prayer for my stiffness and’s been really bad today! How some people make it through years of living like this…I have no idea. Although I guess I will be finding out!

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