I love Sunday’s because it is another day of relaxation but at the same time I greatly dislike the thought of having to go to work tomorrow! Not that work is a horrible place but it is so much better when you  can just sit and watch TV at home! I have worked on some homework this weekend! My goal is to get my research done and read by this weekend so I can work on my paper all next week. That will give me more than enough time I hope to get a decent paper written.

We went and had dinner with one of our closet couple friends! It was a lot of fun to have dinner and laugh. Sometimes you forget how special it is to have friends, until you actually get to hang out with them! Hopefully Matt and I can start doing more of that!

Ok! Back to watching a few more episodes of my show before bedtime! To another week, hopefully a less painful one! AND hopefully I will hear something back on my application..whether it be good or bad I want to know!

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